What makes a great coach or leader?

After 5 Olympic Games and working with 2 Olympic Gold medal teams, I am keen to share with you the lessons I have learned from working with, and competing against the World’s best. Are you ready to take your coaching to the next level?

1 on 1 Coaching

Whether you are an elite coach, a beginner or a somewhere in between, my 1 on 1 coaching packages are my specialty. Individual tailor made programs to suit your requirements are built using your unique profile.

Keynote speaking

Building a culture of sustained success is the goal of organisations the world over. Hear how we have challenged the norm, thought outside the box and embraced diversity to climb the mountain that is Olympic Gold.

Club, Federation and Corporate consulting

Our 6 step plan to success covers the major areas that all organisations need to get right.

Team Building

Too often team building is focused only on having fun, without the emphasis of development. Our innovative team building sessions blend the combination of fun, learning and team dynamics into a full day of growth.


email: adamcommens@hotmail.com

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